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Øyvind and Per have been working in separate studios for many years. Øyvind in his, working leather and textiles, and Per in his with ceramic, fused glass and selfmade glassbeads. One day in the Autumn 2018, they came up with the idea of why not try to do something together, and P.Ø.S.H. Design became a reality. Being so different in the creative processes was a challenge, but it also fueled these processes. Experimenting with different techniques they finally found a base for their Cooperation, and the results can be viewed on this page.
Beautifully designed and handcrafted Works in leather combined with beads and fused glass.

All our jewelry and handbags are handcrafted and every piece is UNIQUE. So therefor, if you see a product that you would like to by, it may vary slightly in colours, but the main design and theme will be the same. It`s all about communication between you as a customer and us.

P.Ø.S.H.Design are based in Gran Canaria

Mail: info@poeshdesign.com

Telephone/ Whatsapp: +34 629 973 069

Address: Calle San Borondon 39, San Fernando.

35100 San Bartolome de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, Spain

Handcrafted jewelry and bags in materials like: leather, linen, handmade beads and fused glass. Pricerange for the jewelry, 40 – 100 euro. Pricerange for hand/shoulderbags. 85 – 350 euro. Contact us for more details and information.